a log of sorts.


14.12.20: closing the email associated with this project. thank you all for your time. - aidan.

04.11.20: birthday&election day. (눈_눈)

02.11.20: exhausted.

31.10.20: halloween and a national lockdown(?). great, i'm ecstatic. /s

08.10.20: trying to read feaver's poems.

03.10.20: ghost whisperer is possibly the worse thing i've ever watched.

23.09.20: college shut down. :/

20.09.20: i was wrong. it's busy. so very busy. i am swamped with work and playing catch-up.

02.09.20: it's quiet.

25.08.20: sister's birthday. quiet. jamaican ginger cake with custard.

17.08.20: lord of the rings rewatch. tarot reading for the likely outcome. gets strength.

16.08.20: watched the snooker final with my mum. not a massive fan of the sport but it was nice to spend time with her.

12.08.20: wagamama.

09.08.20: sunburnt.

06.08.20: added all enteries prior to the founding of this website. now to keep it going.

05.08.20: raining.

01.08.20: august.

21.07.20: watching ferris bueller with my sister.

14.07.20: moving house in the autumn. :/

13.07.20: went shopping. tarot reading. gets the tower.

05.07.20: exhausted.

17.06.20: exams.

08.06.20: suprisingly busy.

26.05.20: i'm not answering the phone to him.

13.05.20: cold out.

04.05.20: might impulse buy a roasting jack.

03.05.20: tarot reading. gets the fool.

02.05.20: nail polish.

30.04.20: mum's birthday. helped my sister with the cake. carrot.

20.04.20: four twenty.

04.04.20: pandemic.

21.03.20: not going in to college.

06.03.20: handmade.

05.03.20: a room with a view.

28.02.20: dreamt for the first time in four months last night. went to the moon.

17.02.20: taming of the shrew.

26.01.20: hearth.

03.01.20: tarot reading. gets the emperor.

01.01.20: new years. swam in the ocean.

24.12.19: christmas eve.

01.12.19: december.

17.11.19: water.

11.11.19: remembrance.

05.11.19: watched the heaton park fireworks by sitting on the hill. black peas & vinegar and parkin.

04.11.19: birthday. :)

31.10.19: halloween. my sister dressed up as sabrina spellman for college. i went as incognito mode spiderman. i just wore three-d glasses with the lenses pushed out.

26.10.19: over the garden wall rewatch.

23.10.19: talking heads.

16.10.19: tarot reading. gets the moon

10.10.19: hi i'm mary mary is very good.

08.10.19: tessalate.

07.10.19: are you sitting comfortably? then we'll begin.