number five

this page uses combined lore from all adaptations.

"i would rather chew off my own foot."

-five hargreeves, 1x10.

spoliers might be present on here.

this page is more or less just pure endulgance for me. you're probably going to see it as cringy, and you're not wrong. it is. but, i'm allowed to be. it's my website and unless it is harming someone, i don't see anything wrong with it.

it's based on those old fanpages and geocities shrines. before media specific wikis took off, those were where i got all my sonic the hedgehog knowledge as a four-year-old shithead. also, my views on five might be biased but i really don't give a shit. sorry.

this page is seperated into a two key sections: him and me. the first is just fluff, the second is less so. reccommend you read both if you're unfamiliar with the umbrella academy.

"stop hovering like an ambitious stripper and sit down with me."

- five hargreeves, 2x01.



number five is a character created by gerard way and gabriel bá for their comic book series "the umbrella academy," and was later played by aidan gallagher in the 2019 netflix series.

five had a name but it wasn't spoken for so long that he and his siblings forgot what it was, opting to be called five instead. at the age of 10 (or 13 in the television adaptation), five disappeared by using his power of time travel to escape into the future. he was stuck in the apocolypse for fourty five years until he was recruited by the temps aeternalis/commission who agree to allow him to retire to a time of his choosing after five years of service as an assassin; he agrees, but secretely uses this time to travel to the present and reunite with his family.

he aged normally during his time in the apocalypse, but upon returning to the past he regained the appearance he had the day he traveled forwards as it was the version of him scattered throughout all the timelines. while in the comics, his body is stuck in time and cannot age (as medical examinations prove that there are no signs of cell growth or death), in the netflix adaptation, his body continues to age normally after reverting to its 13-year-old form, causing five to go through puberty twice.

"what a disturbing glimpse into that thing you call a brain."

- five hargreeves, 1x02.


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"ask me again, and i'll burn you with this cigarette lighter."

- five hargreeves, 1x08


his powers are space-time manipulation, allows him to travel through space and time (chronokinesis) and teleport objects without physical contact. in the comics he was taught to perform "micro jumps" in time, allowing him to move faster than the eye can see. in the television adaptation five has the secondary power of teleportation otherwise known as spatial jumps in addition to time travel and does not have to be taught micro-jumps.

he is considered to be a master combatant, assassin and tactician as he has had the dna of the best killers in history infused into him, with an assured 100% chance of killing if he decides to kill.

"stick it up your ass."

- five hargreeves, 2x03


with regards.

five is probably my most important comfort character, leaning into probable kin territory. through him i'm able to work through most my issues; i struggle with identity issues, mainly a lack of sense of self and an rather impulsive, cruel nature. when i was younger, i was a vicious little git. i'm trying not to be anymore. my old shrink said i was "prematurely mature" from childhood tramua but i'd take that with a pinch of salt. i left therapy undiagnosed and in a worse headspace then before.

despite our antisocial behaviour, we alike in the deep compassion he has for those he cares for. for me that's my two close friends, for him his family. as well, vanya & him have a similar dynamic to my sister & i, which makes him feel excruciatingly relatable to me.

he has evident favouritism towards vanya and they were clearly closer to one another then the rest. my sister is my sole confidant and best friend. i'm pretty much ride or die for her. we've really grown closer this pandemic and it's made me appricate her a lot more. tell her i said that and i'll liquidise your hamster lol. billie, if you're reading this and you put me on blast, then the cain instinct is going to take over.

"you wish you could pull off these shorts!"

-five hargreeves, 2x09.

the rest.

this section is not yet complete.

"do you have my sister? if not, would you like a margarita?"

-five hargreeves, 1x09.