song lyrics

these are just some of my favourite lyrics. to be added to.

"daylight licked me into shape,
i must have been asleep for days,
and moving lips to breathe her name."

"i'm feeling so tired,
really falling apart.
and it just don't make sense to me,
i really don't know,
why you stick right next to me,
wherever i go."

"i wish, that i could turn back time,
'coz now the guilt is all mine.
can't live without the trust from those you love.
i know, we can't forget the past;
you can't forget love and pride,
because of that it's killing me inside."

"we have the answer to all your fears;
it's short, it's simple, it's crystal clear.
it's round about and it's somewhere here,
lost amongst our winnings."

"everybody leaves,
if they get the chance,
and this is my chance."

"ooh, and it's alright and it's coming along.
we gotta get right back to where we started from.
love is good, love can be strong;
we gotta get right back to where started from."

"so here i go, I'm still scratching around in the same old hole;
my body feels young but my mind is very old.
so what do you say?
you can't give me the dreams that are mine anyway."

"now she's a little boy in spain,
playing pianos filled with flames,
on empty rings around the sun.
i'll sing to say my dream has come."

"hilary went to the catholic church because she wanted information.
the vicar, or whatever, took her to one side and gave her confirmation.
saint theresa's calling her, the church up on the hill is looking lovely.
but it doesn't interest, the only things she wants to know is
how and why and when and where to go."